Trinity Rocks Farm

Trinity Rocks Farm opened in 2007, named after the rock climbing area close by which has a monastery by that name, (St. Trinity) at it’s base. Its aim was to provide a breath of fresh air and resting place for travelers. It is set on the banks of the River Yantra with lots of trees for shade in the hot summer months. Also as a base for rock climber and for people who are seeking to set up a new home in Bulgaria and need a safe place. We offer help, information, and knowledge of the area, plus a beautiful river setting a few kilometer from Veliko Tarnovo.

Surrounding Area

Trinity Rocks Accommodation is situated near the beautiful City of Veliko Turnovo in a peaceful setting. From the farm as you look across the River, you can see the St. Trinity Rocks Climbing area (which is within easy reach), and the beautiful mountains which are full of walking and biking trails.

One of its most remarkable aspects is its progressive, modern nightlife, because Veliko Turnovo has the second largest university in the country, the streets are filled with young people and there is a very modern, upbeat feeling that fills the air. You can find many delicious restaurants and cafes offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as a variety of foods from all over the world. After a fulfilling meal, head down to one of the many clubs or bars, offering a variety of atmospheres. You can find any kinds of environment- From a loud hard rock bar to a relaxing quiet piano bar. Veliko Turnovo offers anything you could ever want to fulfil any mood.

For relaxing before and after your days activities, there are 15000 sq. metres of land set along 400 metres of river-bank, with walnut, almond, plumb and cherry trees, ideal for relaxing and meditation.


What makes Trinity Rocks Farm a ‘must visit’ destination is the river setting and the wildlife on the river. From beautiful rare birds to an otter family. Cliff knows his business and is always on hand with advice, suggestions and a warm welcome. The camp site is in a beautiful location, a secluded garden of Eden with lots of trees for shade, on the outskirts of the ancient University Town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Trinity Rocks Farm is an oasis of calm set beside a strolling river, peaceful and seemingly remote from the cares of the World. There are ecoo-trails, waterfalls, caves, monasteries plus the ancient sites in Veliko Tarnovo itself only a few minutes away.

You can fish in the river, swimming is a favorite pass time in the summer and there is a dingy for guests to use.


Trinity Rocks Farm Offers you

To make the most of your experience, we offers you the possibility the spend a good time at Trinity Rocks Farm, living and enjoying the camping life, but at the same time having at your disposal the basic needs that you could have, including Internet and Wifi connection, so you can continue your vacation with treatments that relax and restore your mind and health in nature.

At Trinity Rocks Farm you can enjoy…
  • Pet friendly
  • Wifi in all our facilities
  • Facilities for disabled
  • Shaded area available
  • Mobile homes
  • BBQ allowed
  • Central cooking available
  • Playground for children
  • TV
  •  Washer
  •  Laundry
  • Hot Shower
  •  Parking


Traveling by foot: You can take a train or bus from most places to Veliko Tarnovo or by train to Gorna Oriohavitsa.

From Veliko Tarnovo you can take a taxi for 8 Leva to the Farm, or a bus, number 10 which travels every 20 minutes from VT to Gorna Oriohavitsa. The bus stops once at the first village, named Samovodene. You can get off here and walk north following the camping signs.

The village of Parvomyjci is the second village out of VT. When on the Bus you can ask the driver to stop at the Camping. If not, get off at the first bus stop at Parvomijci and walk back to the track for the Camping ground. It is signposted at the entrance.

From Gorna Oriohavitsa, you can take a taxi from the station to Trinity Rocks Farm for 6 or 7 Leva.

If by Car, Drive from Veliko Tarnovo North towards Russe on the E85 for 7 kilometers. After the first village, (Samovode), Turn right towards Gorna Oriohavitsa, (look for the camping signs). 50 meters after the from the turn is the Farm track on the right. It is well sign posted. Coming from the north to South it is the opposite. Just before Samovodene there is a left turn to Gorna, after 50 meters turn right in to Farm track.


Come Climb With Us!

Trinity rocks is more than 1 km in length. It is situated 2 kilometer from Trinity Rocks Farm, at the Samovode end of the Rocks and 6 km away from Veliko Tarnovo. Situated at the top of a forested escapement above the River Yantra, in a valley called Dervent. During the Middle Ages some of the caves were used as hermits’ cells and chapels by the monks. At the foot of the central part of the rocks is situated the monastery, St. Trinity” Convent. The Monastery is thought to be founded in the 14th century. Work took place on the rocks in 1989, when a round of the World Championship. Later on the work on the rocks is continued by the climbers and alpinists from the local clubs. Every year the number of the routes grows up and at the moment they are over 150. Sector A. near to the village of Samovodene is exposed to the northeast. And the rocks stay is shadow almost throughout the whole day. The rest of the Massif gets the sun in the early afternoon. A path goes along the length of the Massif. In the morning the rocks are in the shade making it perfect for the hot summer days. There are routes from 15 to 80 meters and there are grades for all abilities.

Trinity Rock Camp Site is the ideal place for rock climber. In addition to the camp site and the beds available, we provide help and information on the area. We provide guide book. We also have gear for the climber to hire. We also have training walls at the Farm.

Oesteto: Usteto East and West are set in a gorge to the South of Veliko Tarnovo. It is a rock formation calved by the River Yantra. It consists of two opposing rock faces.

Usteto East faces East and is the most popular with the most routes. Almost 60 routes of up to 40 meters high. This is the most popular of the two faces with some well bolted easier routes for beginners. It is also possible to put top ropes on most routes making it especially popular with new climbers. It has the sun in the morning to mid afternoon. Then is in the shade.

Usteto West: This crag faces West. It has fewer routes and the routes are less easy. It is quieter and calmer. It is in the shade in the morning until noon. It is possible to climb here in the morning and cross over for a good afternoon/evening climb on the other side. Here is also possible to put up top ropes.



At Trinity Rocks Farm you can enjoy your stay in one of our Cottages, two bed room House, bunk bedroom with meeting room or ofcourse in our Camping area, Caravan or Motorhome parking.

Check the pictures and imagine yourself enjoying the accommodations that Trinity Rocks Farm has for you…

Trinity Rocks Farm

¿What are you waiting?, look at the pictures and imagine yourself next to the river, fishing, or just enjoying the view. You can also take out one of the boats to the river or if you’re brave, you can always take a swim.

If you enjoy the nature, you can go hiking through forest and mountains where you will see birds in its natural habitat.

Come enjoy Trinity Rocks Farm, we’re waiting for you.

Rock Climbing

Trinity Rock Camp Site is the ideal place for rock climber. In addition to the camp site and the beds available, we provide help and information on the area. We provide guide book. We also have gear for the climber to hire. We also have training walls at the Farm.


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Call now or write us to book your stay or schedule a visit to our camping. We are happy to take your reservation or put you in contact with someone that can answer your questions or provide extra information.

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